Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Holy crap, that’s two for two, Brick Theater! After seeing James Comtois’ fuckin’ brilliant play, “Infectious Opportunity”, during the week before at The Anti-Depressant Festival, Abby and I went back to see Matt Freeman’s “Glee Club”. And all I gotta say is YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHIT. It was so good it made me want to tongue kiss the playwright (Not that I don’t already, Freeman’s a sexy bitch). Seriously, there were points in the show my lungs were actually physically in pain from laughing so hard and I was scared all the hysterics were going to put Abby into early labor. The ensemble from top to bottom was absolutely stellar, the music will stick in your head and leave you smiling for the rest of the night, and the I said, it made me want to mouthfuck Freeman...err, kiss, fuck it, I wanted make babies with him it was so good. Go see it. It’s a blast. It was a good reminder that some of the best spectacle you can make onstage is simply by having great writing and acting on it. Grab yo’ tix here!


Freeman said...

Awww shit!

Kyle said...

This is appalling. I wash my hands of this.